Countless women dream about their wedding day and their perfect wedding dress, however, when the time comes it can feel overwhelming! There are so many beautiful wedding gowns out there, where do you even start? While we believe that you should wear whatever gown you feel the most beautiful and comfortable in, here’s a guide to help you find the most flattering silhouette for your body type.

Athletic Figure

If you have broad shoulders and a boxy figure, a gown with a bodice that highlights your waistline will offset your shoulders and create an hourglass shape.

A ball gown is a great option for this body type! The fullness of the skirt will help balance out your broad shoulders, while the fitted bodice will give you more curves, creating that hourglass figure. A gown with an empire waist will also give the illusion of more curves. An empire waistline is when the dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance

You’ll want to steer clear of sheaths and dresses with a drop waist. A drop waist is when the waistline on the dress is positioned at the hips rather than the waist. These styles will make you look boxier if you don’t naturally have curves. Even if you’re self-conscious of your broad shoulders, don’t try to hide them! A lot of times when those with an athletic body type try to cover their shoulders, with cap sleeves for example, it can have the opposite effect.

Pear Shaped

If you’re pear shaped, meaning the hips are larger in relation to the upper part of the body, you’ll want a bodice that shapes and defines your mid-section and a skirt that flares from your hips and thighs.

A great option is a ball gown, more specifically, a strapless or drop waist ball gown. These types of gowns will help put more emphasis on the top of your body. A gown that is off the shoulder will do the same as well.

A sheath may not be the best option for you. Due to the form fitting nature of a sheath, you may risk looking unbalanced since these dresses don’t have any structure to them. A dress with a V-neck will naturally draw other’s eyes down. If that’s not what you’re going for, you’ll want to stay away from those.

Apple Shaped

If you’re apple shaped, make sure the dress you choose will have enough support for your chest so that you’re comfortable and not self-conscious!

A fit and flare gown, also known as a trumpet, is a gown that has a gradually flared skirt and a form fitting bodice through the hips. Most begin to flare at about mid-thigh. This dress style is good choice if you’re looking for a form fitting gown as it can have a slimming effect and is still easy to move in. A high waist A-line gown with a low neckline will look stunning on you! It will compliment your curves in all the right ways.

Going back to being comfortable…no spaghetti straps! They may look cute, but will they give your breasts the support they need? You wear your wedding dress for hours, make sure you’re comfortable. Those with a pear shape body may also want to avoid a sheath dress. There’s not much structure to these and they will cling to the body. An empire waistline may not be best for you since it can overemphasize a large chest or full hips.

Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass figure, you may want to show off that balanced body!

A fit and flare dress is a great option for you. A fit and flare has a fitted bodice and flares out mid-thigh. This will accentuate the waist and show off your figure and curves. A beaded belt or ruching, pleated or gathered fabric used for a slimming effect, around the waist will also help to accentuate your curves.

If you don’t want to accentuate your curves, you can go for a ball gown or A-line dress. A more modest neckline, like a halter, is a good option as well.


If you’re a petite person, look for gowns that elongate you and stay away from those that may swallow you.

A sheath is a great option as the slim silhouette will help to visually add some length. An empire waistline will help do the same and create a longer, leaner look.

 Try to avoid ball gowns as the full skirt can overwhelm this body type. You want to wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you!


If you have large breasts and don’t want them to be the center of attention on your big day, here are a few tips.

A ball gown will help to balance out a large chest and will draw focus away from it. A gown with ruching, on the top will do the same.

Empire waistlines are not your friend. They tend to overemphasize the chest area and draw attention to it. Additionally, you want your face to the focal point on your big day. So stay away from gowns that are extra revealing up top.

When in doubt, always try on an A-line gown! A-line’s are the most popular skirt silhouette and for good reason. They are flattering on all body types and allow for lots of movement.

This a guide to help you find the perfect gown for your big day, but it is by no means the rule book. When looking for your gown, it is more important that you’re comfortable and you feel beautiful and bridal! At Bella Rose Bridal, we encourage our brides to try on many silhouettes, styles and necklines, because you never know what a dress will look like until you put it on!