Now that you’ve picked your dream dress, a matching veil and headpiece and shoes, it’s time to pick your jewelry! Just like picking your wedding dress, picking your wedding jewelry can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to make your experience go smoothly.

1. Be Yourself

Before we get into the specifics, remember that you want to feel comfortable on your big day. If you’re uncomfortable wearing big, dangly earrings, because you always wear studs, then opt for the studs on your wedding day! You want to look and feel like yourself on this important day.

2. Consider Your Neckline

The neckline of your wedding dress is one of the most important aspects to consider when picking out your wedding day jewelry. You want your jewelry to enhance your look, not take away from it!

If your dress has a V-neck: A simple, single pendant necklace will complement a dress with a deep V-neck. Pair the necklace with some small earrings, studs or dangling, to complete the look.

If your dress has a Halter neckline: Skip the necklace! Wearing a necklace with a halter neckline will take away from your dress. Instead opt for a pair of chandelier statement earrings and a bracelet.

If your dress has a Strapless neckline: Pick a shorter necklace to pair with your gown. You’ll want something that is halfway between the neckline and your collarbone or above. If your necklace is too long it will make your look unbalanced. Stick to something simple; elegant, yet bold, like a drop necklace. Or skip the necklace all together and wear a pair of chandelier statement earrings. 

 3. Consider Your Hair Style 

If you’re wearing your hair up, you’ll want to pick more dramatic earrings, like dangling chandelier earrings. These will draw people’s focus up to your face. If you’re wearing your hair down, you’ll want to opt for smaller earrings, either studs or a small drop earring,

 4. Match Metals

If you’re wedding dress has gold beadwork on it, you’ll want to wear gold jewelry. However, if your gown doesn’t have any beadwork on it, you can base your metal colors off of the color of your dress.

If your dress is White: While it’s no longer common to have a stark white dress, if you’re one of the few that can pull it off, you’ll want to pair it with silver or pearl jewelry. Gold jewelry may clash with bright white hues.

If your dress is Diamond White: Diamond white is one of the few colors where you can have your pick of metals! Rose gold, pearl, yellow gold, or silver will go well with your gown.

If your dress is Champagne: Since champagne is a warmer tone, it will pair nicely with yellow gold jewelry.

If your dress is Blush: Rose gold! The pink in the rose gold jewelry will match your blush dress so well and it’s different than what most brides will choose.

If your dress is Ivory: There’s different shades of ivory so we’ll have to consider the undertones of your dress. If your dress has more of a yellow or cream undertone, you’ll want to pair it with yellow gold jewelry. If your dress has more of a pink undertone, you’ll want to pair it with rose gold or silver jewelry. 

5. Less is More

While there’s no rule on what or how much jewelry you should wear on your big day; remember, you don’t want your jewelry to steal the spotlight. You want people to focus on you and your dress more than your jewelry and let’s be honest, too many accessories can be downright distracting!