As a bride you’re led to believe through TV shows and movies that when you find your dress you’ll just instantly know while tears stream down your face. While that can be completely accurate for some brides, for others it can take a little longer to figure out what dress you want for the big day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to tell if *that* dress is the one.


You’re Comfortable In It

You’re going to be in this dress for HOURS on your wedding day. You want to feel 100% comfortable in it. When you’re in the bridal shop trying gowns on make sure you test them out; walk around, sit down, do a little dance!


You Can Picture It

When you look in the mirror, you can picture it. You can picture walking down the aisle, you can picture your future husband seeing you for the first time, or you can picture your first dance with your new husband. If you look in the mirror and picture doing all or any of these things in that dress, it may just be the one.


You Don’t Want to Take It Off

If you try a dress on and you’re just dreading taking it off and trying a different one, don’t. This is a big sign that the dress you have on is YOUR dress! Stop trying dresses on when you find one you never want to take off.


You Compare Every Dress to That One

You’re standing in front of the mirror in a beautiful wedding gown. It’s exactly what you pictured yourself in and your mother loves it! ‘Yet, it doesn’t have the stunning beading like the first dress you tried on. And the train on this, one just doesn’t compare to the first one.’ If these thoughts are going through your mind and you’re constantly comparing every dress to that first one you loved, it’s quite possible that the first dress is the one you’re meant to wear. 


You Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Whenever a bride leaves our shop and is unsure about which dress to choose we tell her one thing: sleep on it. If you wake up the next morning and there’s that *one* dress that you just can’t get out of your head, there’s a very good chance that you have found your dress!